Benefits of Vacation Rentals

It certainly is an understatement that this year has been a challenge.  Even through a pandemic, people wanted an escape and vacation rentals thrived.  If you think about it, it’s perfect, your own space with a private entry with your own family.

Now that visitors are able to explore more, we’ve opened up more and added exciting elements for our guests.  We love sharing our secret spots, favorite restaurants and best places to shop.

Being a small local business, it’s important for us to connect with other small local businesses.  We do this by working with them on offering coupons for our guests and providing links to suggestions on our web page. Thousands and thousands of guests visit us and stay at our properties in the area.  By providing information on local businesses, we enhance the guest experience while also benefitting the town and businesses.

New for 2021!  We added an e-info book experience for our guests.  This replaces the binders left in properties that are difficult to keep updated.  Now each guest receives an e-info book with links to local businesses, hidden gems, and things to do in the area.  This can easily be updated and we’re excited to continue adding to it.

We love our small town and want to share it with visitors who no doubt will love it as much as we do and spread the word!!