FAQ for Vacation Rentals

What time is Check in/Check out?

Check-in is 3pm and check-out is 10am.  Requests for a late check-out may be made up to the day of check-out. Staying until noon at no extra cost will be permitted if no one is arriving in the unit/home afterwards. The cost for staying past noon is half the base nightly rate. Checking in earlier than 3pm is a possibility if the property is ready. The cost for checking in before noon is half the nightly rate. 
Can I bring my pet?
We have pet friendly properties in which pets are allowed with the property owner's permission. An additional fee and a signed pet form to abide by the pet policies are required if a pet is approved. The property owner has the right to allow or decline a pet for no reason.  
Is there cell phone Coverage?
Cell service varies depending on location and is not always strong at all properties. The best service plans are Verizon Wireless and US Cellular. AT&T and T Mobile are limited in their coverage.
Will I need a property with A/C?
A/C is rarely used in the White Mountains. A/C will be useful on minimal days, but temperature can be controlled by opening windows at night allowing the cool air in, then closing windows and shades during the day to keep the heat out.
Do I need to be wary of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak?

New Hampshire is notorious for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Be careful when hiking and in the woods around the property. When coming into contact with either plant, immediately seek medical attention. See American Academy of Dermatology for more information. 
When is Black Fly season?
May and June are the two months black flies are the heaviest. Avoid heavily wooded and boggy areas. General bug repellent, long sleeves and pants will help minimize biting. Mosquitoes, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, Wasps and Hornets may also be out during your vacation. More info HERE
Do I need to watch for Ticks?
We have Brown Ticks and Deer Ticks. Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts especially when hiking. Be sure to wear a hat and check hair upon return. Check the back of knees, under arms and inner thighs. Ticks love warm, moist areas, so be thorough and check behind ears and between toes. More info HERE

Where can I get more information about the area?